Review: Jeppesen Fuel Tester JS628855

jeppesen fuel tester

The Jeppesen JS628855 Fuel Tester is an essential part of any pilot’s flight bag. Its high quality brass center pin and built-in screwdriver make for a reliable tester which also comes in hand for tightening up those cowl fasteners. 

Fuel Tester Perfection

The Jeppesen JS628855 is as close to fuel tester perfection as one can reasonably expect. The first things you notice about this product are the solid construction, the brass rod, and the screwdriver attachment. This is clearly a quality product aimed at the discerning pilot who is willing to spend a little more to get a professional grade tool.

Testing the fuel is a very important part of pre-flight preparations. The brass rod in this product is a welcome feature, as it doesn’t easily bend, and is much less likely to screw up your fuel tank ports than the plastic construction found in inferior products (they can snap off, or leave bits of plastic in the valve).

The main body of the device is made from a very solid yet clear plastic, allowing the user unhindered optical inspection of the fuel. Thanks to this, and a small magnification window, spotting water and particulates in the fuel is easy. It is also straightforward to identify the type of fuel – the color is easily noticeable, especially if you hold the tester in front of a white surface. There is even a handy table built in to the device which reminds the user which color is correct ( e.g. 100LL=Blue, etc).

At the opposite end of the device to the rod is the screwdriver, which is a thoughtful addition. When I pre-flight my 172, I can take just this one tool around the plane with me, securing those cowl fasteners and draining fuel at all the right points as I make my way around.

I have owned this product for over a year, and I have never had any issues with it, or found it lacking in any way.


There is no integrated strainer, so any fuel removed from the tanks can’t go back into the airplane. This can be a pain in the backside if your airport doesn’t allow you to empty your fuel tester onto the ramp (mine does, fortunately).

The device is larger than it needs to be. While I appreciate the durable construction, Jeppesen hasn’t quite got the balance right between durability and bulk. I’m fairly confident the size of the unit can be reduced without compromising on quality and reliability.


This is an excellent fuel tester which comes highly recommended to any pilot who doesn’t need to return the extracted fuel back into the tank. It is durable, but that durability comes at a cost – this neither the cheapest nor the smallest device on the market. That said, Jeppesen has produced a winner here in terms of features, quality, and value. I would buy another of these in an instant, if I lost mine.


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