Review: ASA E6B Flight Computer

Looking for an E6B to start your pilot training with? This low cost model will do everything you want, and will easily survive long enough for you to get your ticket, no batteries required. Read my review.

Low cost, no-nonsense cardboard E6B

The headline says it all, really. The E6B flight computer is an absolute classic – a prehistoric (but reliable) way of making most of the calculations you will ever need to make as a private pilot.

This is the lowest cost E6B that I’m aware of. However, it is well built and fully featured. Although it is made of card, the materials are study and long lasting. Mine has currently given me over a year of service, and still looks as good as new. The device has all of the features you expect to find on an E6B, including handy reminders of how to use it printed on the device itself. Accuracy is as good as any mechanical E6B I’ve used (although not as accurate as electronic pilot aids).

One feature I particularly like about this model is the instruction book that comes with it. Let’s face it, the E6B is not the most intuitive tool, especially if you are used to the latest electronic aids to flight planning and performance calculation. However, the well-prepared pilot does not rely entirely on technology, because technology can let you down. If you ever get caught in the cockpit needing to rely on your trusty E6B, your skills might be a little rusty. Don’t worry – this device comes with a handy instruction book that is small enough to carry around with the device itself (the whole thing comes in a plastic pouch which can also hold the instructions).

My only criticism of the device is that it can be a little tricky to assemble the two parts together. This is no big deal, you’ll soon get the hang of it.


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