Episode 6 – Steam Gauges (aka The Six Pack)

plane spokenIn Episode 6, I explain the six main flight instruments that make up the classic ‘six pack’. I explain what each instrument shows you. I go into the basics of how each instrument works, and the inherent limitations of the instruments that every student pilot should know.

To help you follow along with the description of the instruments in this episode, I have included a link to a photo of a standard instrument panel layout. Please refer to the picture as you listen to the podcast!

Link to panel photo: http://www.planespokenpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/six_pack-1024×632.jpg

steam gauges


I also mention a book, The Complete Private Pilot, by Bob Gardner. This book makes great reading for all student pilots, and amongst many other things describes the instruments of the six pack and how they work in much greater detail.

Enjoy! Please email any questions to planespokenpodcast@gmail.com.