Go around!

Just saw this awesome video of the pilot of a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) making a split-second decision to go around as visibility reduces to zero just below minimums and under 200ft. Remember: you can always go around!

C172 preflight checklist failure!

It was a normal Saturday morning at the start of fall. The ceilings were high, the winds were calm, and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get in a bit of pattern work before I had a two week break from flying to take a business trip. However, the general aviation gods were not smiling on me today … what seemed like a simple mission in very low risk conditions could have gone very badly wrong for me today.

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Understanding the Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Minimum Equipment List
Excerpt from a MEL

The Minimum Equipment List, or MEL, is often a confusing concept for student pilots. As well as having a misleading name, many student pilots do not encounter the MEL in real life as more often than not trainer aircraft do not have them. However, understanding the MEL and how it features in the regulations is essential learning for those working towards their pilot certificate.

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Know your POH, folks!

I am a regular lurker on /r/flying over on reddit, and today I read a scary story about a pilot experiencing an apparent engine failure in a Cessna 172. Fortunately, the emergency ended as well as they can, with the pilot achieving a normal landing at a closed airfield – with no damage to the plane or its occupants.

Although it must have been a frightening experience, the pilot kept his cool and lived to fly another day. However, things could have easily turned catastrophic, as with any power loss event. Reading through the thread, it became apparent that this was an easily avoidable incident, caused by pilot error, that could have cost him his life. Continue reading “Know your POH, folks!”