More bad news for Boeing as FAA orders inspections for 737NG structural cracks

After taking an almost $5 billion pretax charge following the 737 MAX controversy earlier this year, Boeing is facing fresh challenges as the FAA orders inspections to be carried out for 737NG structural cracks in the pickle fork – a critical structure that helps attach the plane’s wings to its fuselage.

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Independent research by the BBC shows that ‘serious near misses’ have doubled over four years

In a news article released today, the British Broadcasting Corporation has published alarming statistics about near misses reported in UK airspace. 

Since 2013, the UK has seen an overall increase in reported near misses of 60%. Serious incidents, known as “category A airproxes”, doubled. This is against a backdrop of a general increase in aviation traffic, although the number of reported incidents is growing proportionally faster than the boom in air traffic.

Also of note was the fact that the UK had nearly 100 reported incidents of aircraft near misses with drones – a statistic that has grown from zero reports in 2013.

27th Nall Report shows overall GA accident rate declined in 2015

The efforts to reduce fatal accidents in General Aviation appear to be paying off, according to the latest Nall Repot, recently published by AOPA. 

Notably, the fatal accident rate fell below 1 per 100,000 hours flown, to just 0.84. Although the total number of accidents went up, this is balanced out by the fact that total flight hours also increased by over 3.6% over the previous year to 23.98 million hours.

Pilot-related accidents are still the number one cause of non-commercial fixed-wing accidents, which comes as no great surprise. These account for about 74% of all accidents.

In summary, we are flying more, and also more safely – and this is surely good news for the General Aviation industry in general.

You can download and read the 27th Joseph T. Nall Report here.