Episode 5 – The Airport Traffic Pattern

plane spokenIn Episode 5, we explore the standard airport traffic pattern, why we use it, and how to fly it. As you’ll be flying close to other aircraft, competing for airspace, it is essential to learn how to fly the pattern accurately and safely.

To help you get the most from this episode, I have included a link to a diagram showing the main elements of the airport traffic pattern – the five legs (upwind, crosswind, downwind, base and final), entries, and departures. Please refer to the diagram as you listen to the podcast!

Link to diagram: http://www.planespokenpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/airport_traffic_pattern.jpg

Airport traffic pattern

Note: Stalls and spins are particularly dangerous in the airport traffic pattern, because you are flying at slow speeds and close to the ground. Flying slowly means you are more prone to a stall in the first place. Flying close to the ground means you have less altitude to recover if you do stall, making a collision with the terrain much more likely.

I also mention a YouTube channel I really like, called Flight Review. You can check out that channel here.