Episode 8 – I took my checkride …

plane spoken

Happy New Year! In this special episode, I share with you the story of my first FAA checkride for my private pilot certificate. In many ways, the days leading up to the checkride were very stressful and nearly caused me to cancel my date with my DPE. 

Listen now to hear all about my check ride adventure, and hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes!


Highly recommended YouTube channel: Flight Review

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Flight Review – YouTube Channel recommendation

Just a quick recommendation for a wonderful new YouTube Channel – Flight Review. My man David Allen does a truly exceptional job of turning his Private Pilot lessons into a fascinating documentary. 

The production values in Flight Review are highly polished, and David himself is a compelling narrator. While my podcast focuses on explaining the concepts you need to know to become a Private Pilot, Flight Review shows you what it is actually like to take lessons. 

Flight Review is one of the best made YouTube channels I’ve ever subscribed to. Check out David’s first lesson now – and if you enjoy the show, please like and subscribe!

Episode 7 – Takeoffs and Landings

plane spokenIn Episode 7, we venture into the word of takeoffs and landings. Do you know your short fields from your soft fields? Your Vx from your Vy?

Listen to find out my top tips for making that perfect landing, and how to gain those stick and rudder skills you’ll need to pull it off.

I also share some exciting news about my private pilot checkride. Enjoy! Please email any questions to planespokenpodcast@gmail.com.

Episode 6 – Steam Gauges (aka The Six Pack)

plane spokenIn Episode 6, I explain the six main flight instruments that make up the classic ‘six pack’. I explain what each instrument shows you. I go into the basics of how each instrument works, and the inherent limitations of the instruments that every student pilot should know.
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AIRMET chart
Example AIRMET chart from aviationweather.gov

All pilots should be very familiar with the meaning of AIRMET and SIGMET – they both represent warnings of conditions which could threaten the safety of flight. Find out what they mean and why it is important to understand them in this quick introductory guide.

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Understanding the Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Minimum Equipment List
Excerpt from a MEL

The Minimum Equipment List, or MEL, is often a confusing concept for student pilots. As well as having a misleading name, many student pilots do not encounter the MEL in real life as more often than not trainer aircraft do not have them. However, understanding the MEL and how it features in the regulations is essential learning for those working towards their pilot certificate.

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