How expensive is to get a pilot license?

If you are thinking of learning to fly, whether it be for fun or for a career, the cost of getting your pilot’s certificate is usually one of the first questions you want to ask. Unfortunately, there is no single correct answer to the question of how expensive it is to get a pilot license – the cost of getting qualified can vary quite a bit depending on a number of factors. Here is my analysis of the cost, and the factors that make the biggest difference. I finish up with a case study – my own costs in getting my Private Pilot’s license in Boston in 2017/2018.

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C172 preflight checklist failure!

It was a normal Saturday morning at the start of fall. The ceilings were high, the winds were calm, and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get in a bit of pattern work before I had a two week break from flying to take a business trip. However, the general aviation gods were not smiling on me today … what seemed like a simple mission in very low risk conditions could have gone very badly wrong for me today.

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Martha’s Vineyard Trip KBED to KMVY

The chosen route from KBED to KMVY
The chosen route from KBED to KMVY

When I first started learning to fly back in 2017, I had a milestone trip in mind – flying to the islands off the southern coast of Massachusetts – Nantucket and Matha’s Vineyard. Anyone familiar with MA and the islands know that they are a total pain to travel to by car. If you’re travelling from Boston, there is the grueling crawl down Route 3 to Cape Cod, which can take several hours, as what seems like the entire population of Greater Boston tries to do the same thing at the same time. Then even slower is the ferry crossing to the islands, making the whole ordeal take a full day.

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Cape Cod Trip KBED to KHYA


I am excited to be taking my first overnight trip (KBED to KHYA) as a private pilot today! I’m staying with friends in Brewster, MA – in the heart of Cape Code – for the July 4th holiday.

The weather looks great (if a little warm to be strapped in to a tin can with no air conditioning), but the skies are clear and the winds calm. The flight commences at East Coast Aero Club in Bedford, MA where I will be picking up the Cessna 172M that I passed my checkride in back in November of last year. From there, I head south to navigate around the lower shelves of the Boston Class Bravo, towards Norwood (KOWD) and then Plymouth (KPYM). After that, I follow the east coast around to the cape, ultimately landing at Hyannis (KHYA). The estimated flight time is 42 minutes, and I’ll burn about 11 gallons of fuel.

As well as being excited due to this being my first overnight trip, I’m also thankful that I won’t have to sit on Route 3 for several hours, as thousands of weary city-dwellers crawl their way down to the beach. This is one of those rare occasions where GA is faster than any other mode of transport!

Also, I’ll be taking my brand new Bose A20s for their maiden flight, as well as my new iPad/Foreflight combo.

If you’re flying over the holiday, take care, and enjoy!

Episode 9 – Checkride Tips and Rusty Pilots

plane spoken

After a lengthy hiatus, we are back with the long-awaited episode on my top PPL checkride tips. Sorry for the delay, folks – but this one has been worth the wait.

The second topic of this show is getting back into flying after a break. Due to the New England winter (and some other stuff), I went six months without flying after getting my certificate. I recently took to the skies again, and I share my experience of getting back into the cockpit, and I cover how to do so safely.


You can always go around!: Sing it!

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Episode 8 – I took my checkride …

plane spoken

Happy New Year! In this special episode, I share with you the story of my first FAA checkride for my private pilot certificate. In many ways, the days leading up to the checkride were very stressful and nearly caused me to cancel my date with my DPE. 

Listen now to hear all about my check ride adventure, and hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes!


Highly recommended YouTube channel: Flight Review

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Flight Review – YouTube Channel recommendation

Just a quick recommendation for a wonderful new YouTube Channel – Flight Review. My man David Allen does a truly exceptional job of turning his Private Pilot lessons into a fascinating documentary. 

The production values in Flight Review are highly polished, and David himself is a compelling narrator. While my podcast focuses on explaining the concepts you need to know to become a Private Pilot, Flight Review shows you what it is actually like to take lessons. 

Flight Review is one of the best made YouTube channels I’ve ever subscribed to. Check out David’s first lesson now – and if you enjoy the show, please like and subscribe!

Episode 7 – Takeoffs and Landings

plane spokenIn Episode 7, we venture into the word of takeoffs and landings. Do you know your short fields from your soft fields? Your Vx from your Vy?

Listen to find out my top tips for making that perfect landing, and how to gain those stick and rudder skills you’ll need to pull it off.

I also share some exciting news about my private pilot checkride. Enjoy! Please email any questions to

Episode 6 – Steam Gauges (aka The Six Pack)

plane spokenIn Episode 6, I explain the six main flight instruments that make up the classic ‘six pack’. I explain what each instrument shows you. I go into the basics of how each instrument works, and the inherent limitations of the instruments that every student pilot should know.
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